Message from Dr. SEETHARAM, Kallidaikurichi Easwaran


Please give a short introduction about yourself.

I come from India and I was one of the early recipients of the Mombusho Scholarship under the visionary program of former Prime Minister Nasakone called “100,000 foreign students”.

Please give a simple description of your work at your workplace / laboratory.

Currently, I am an international professional staff at the Asian Development Bank with the headquarter in Metro Manila, Philippines. You can read about ADB at:


                                              (Picture taken when receiving the Fellow of UT award from the Japanese Ambassador to Singapore)



What attracted you to choose ADB as a place to pursue your career?

Before joining ADB, I worked in Japan at Nippon Koei, a top ranked engineering consulting firm ( I was responsible, working together with senior management, for developing and managing a new business line on earth observation, which also entailed outsourcing work to local companies in the Philippines, Thailand, working with branch offices of Nippon Koei in these countries. I also contributed to the concept development for a research center that the company established in Tsukuba, where led mainstreaming earth observation as a business line.

Given ADB's focus on delivering quality infrastructure, social and other services to people in an inclusive manner, I have tried to combine public and private sector options. The public sector can play a vital role by creating the right investment climate and a level playing field for all investors.

How do you like life in Japan and Japanese culture?

We cherish the time we spent in Japan. In many ways, Japan has become our second home, after India.


                   Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

                   Studying and living in Japan is a rare opportunity. I wish you will be able to gain knowledge and confidence when go back

                   to your home  country and use this knowledge and network serve the people.