Message from Mr. Bhattacharyya Saptashwa


Please give a short introductiou about yourself.

Hi, I’m Saptashwa from India. I did my M.Sc. in India (IITH) in Physics with specialization in Particle Physics and now doing my Ph.D in Waseda University under Dr. Shoji Torii.


What is your favorite thing about Tokyo?

Even though it’s a very big city, it’s extremely safe and secure.

In what way has your impression of Tokyo or Japan changed since coming here?

It actually hasn’t changed much. One thing I need to mention is that I was aware about discipline in daily life in Japan but I found it even more than I thought of ...

What attracted you to choose Waseda University as a place to study?

I applied in Waseda University because of the then proposed project CALET. CALET detector was launched from Tanegashima on August 2015 and now working in ISS. CALET study the Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum which gives us many relevant information about galactic propagation of Cosmic Rays. As I was interested in Dark Matter studies before, CALET measurement will provide us many important information about Dark Matter and local supernova or pulsars which are extremely interesting.


In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

Well, being here in Japan for two years made me change many daily practices that I was not used to before but now I get accustomed here so much, when I went home last month after two years I found many things strange back in my home country. Discussing the adjustments I made would be difficult to explain but in short there are many rules to follow every moment and almost in every step of daily life. But once someone gets accustomed with them, they are very convenient for daily life in Japan.


Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

Well, definitely the decision solely depends on researchers, but one thing I must need to mention that Japan is extremely safe place to be in, compare to the so called famous destinations among Indians like USA, Italy or Canada….. It would be great for the upcoming students to learn some Japanese to get accustomed fast here….