Message from Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Abhishek Gupta. I am a bachelor student of PEAK program as a Environmental Sciences student. It has been only six months and I am in love with the place as it is quite and one of the best place to study with all the new technologies. I am very interactive and also was on the front page of Asahi shim bun so a bit famous among my friends. I also love to travel. My favourite subject is maths so I am good at it too. I dropped IIT and joined UTokyo and mark my words students wanting to go abroad for studies Japan is the best option comparable to USA,UK and other countries.


What’s your favorite thing about Komaba, Tokyo?

The fusion of quietness and liveliness between every place. As the place we live Komaba is very quite and green place but whereas Shibuya which is just few minutes away is so lively that every hour more than 2500 people cross the Shibuya street.The kind and helpful nature of people in Japan.

How has your impression of Tokyo or Japan changed since coming here?

To explain the impression in just one word I would say “ awe-inspiring “. It has been one of the best experience of my life. Most of the people told me that Japanese people are not that social but it’s the upside down they are really helpful and more social than i thought.


What attracted you to The University of Tokyo?

The first thing that fascinated me was the name itself “東京大学”(UTokyo). Then the thing that attracted me was the country name as Japan has been my favourite country to visit at first place.

How did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

Before coming to Japan I was mentally prepared for the changes that were going to occur as culture shocks to me after coming to Japan so It was really useful for me as from the very first day I was able to overcome homesickness, jet lag and many other problems. And people in Japan are so good that they help you to adjust as soon as possible.


Message to students or researchers in your home country thinking about studying in Japan?

Japan is one of the best option for pursuing university education. It has a lot of world class universities and the technology used is always the latest so you can definitely get to see the world through a new prospective. Japan gives student a new lens to observe the world which is not only technologically but also academically the best.