Message from Mr. Swarup Saha

Please give a short introduction of yourself.

My name is Swarup Saha. I am currently pursuing my Masters in E-Biz at International University of Japan. I am from Agartala, Tripura India. I am very ambitious and dedicated to work hard as I can to climb the ladder of success.

What is your favorite thing about Minami-Uonuma City?

The most important thing of this city is the natural beauty with in the mountains, very peaceful and very helpful and humble people. As IUJ students we are treated very special in this city we feel very proud of being in such environment.


In what way has your impression of Minami-Uonuma City or Japan changed since coming here?

I think I have become more strong from within to live life independently and lead a life with sincerity with a motivate to be somebody in the country or outside the country by not only thinking about own self but also the society, because every country can develop itself when there lies unity amongst each other for each and everything. I respect Japan for its culture and its wonderful mankind.

What attracted you to choose International University of Japan (IUJ) as a place to study?

Like many other young aspirants it is my dream to get myself developed and nourished in an ideal education environment which will lead me to get myself popularly placed in life therefore it is my utmost pleasure to have the opportunity to express my views and thoughts on my desires and my future plans of being want I want to achieve in life and that I have got an wonderful chance to study in IUJ one of the top colleges in Japan which will bring closer to my dream come true plans. I have the desire to begin with career which throughout my life will take me to the peak of success .The education which I will gain in IUJ will make me more advanced as Japan has been the mastermind of technology and I can use these ideas in the field of commerce to bring a change in my country. I want to gather advanced outlook, business and commerce together because in this era everything has changed and taken the path of dealing things electronically and computer proves to be the only asset and so I want to use it in India as India is lagging behind and I want to make India better. This can also be used as a strategy to bring in a venture between my country India and Japan as I can set an example myself that how to be honest, laborious and successful in life.


In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

As being a citizen of India it was not much difficult for me to get adjusted with the Japanese culture as I come from a land where more than 100 cultures and languages exist. I love mixing with people and learning new tradition. I enjoyed every moment of it and observation was very important for me to know more and more. I would definitely stay here in Japan for some more years because I want to study more on this land and its kind people.


Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

Now we are in a global village world has come close to my door so communicate with everybody and prove to be an ideal citizen therefore International Business is the only door way. Since my arrival in Japan I am totally focused on is make myself more acknowledged and get compatible and learn the Japanese history, culture, tradition and my Research work apart from these I have also come here to build a strong career in the land of technology. Japan as a country is known for its technology and its people. I find this place suitable for me to communicate and learn about the people and fight all uncertainties and move forward. Above all transparency in maintaining accounts is a must for success in the field of any type of business and work. Good luck for what you are doing and what will you try to do in future but try to be focused on your goals, there might be many obstacles but don’t get intimidated.