Message from Mr. Daspute Abhijit Arun

Please give a short introduction about yourself.

I am Daspute Abhijit Arun, during 2014-15 I selected as MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) fellow to perceive PhD. Now I am a 2nd year PhD student, working under the guidance of Pro. Koyama Hiroyuki, Department of Biological sciences, Gifu University, Japan. I am working on finding the molecular mechanism of Aluminium tolerance in Pigeonpea. It’s a important pulse crop and main protein source for vegetarian people who lives in India. But this is sensitive to Aluminium (rhizotoxic metal ion).


What is your favorite thing about Japanese cities?

I visited many cites of Japan such as Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Gujo and Nagoya and I observed that these all cities have their own specialty. About Kyoto city I think this city has maintained their old culture. Osaka is a big city of of Japan after Tokyo, in this city I visited Universal studio and I enjoyed a lot. Gujo is a water city of Japan, I impressed about the under-ground fresh water channels. Science museum and Toyota museum is most attracting places which is like in Nagoya city.


In what way has your impression of Gifu City or Japan changed since coming here?

As we all know that Japan is developed country, all Japanese cities are well developed. The Gifu is a small city but even though we can get all kind of facilities. I think this city is developing very rapidly.


What attracted you to choose Gifu University as a place to study?

The Universities like Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo are very big Universities compare to with Gifu University. But the professor whom under the guidance I am working at Gifu University, he is a very well known person in plant Biology and molecular biotechnology field. So, his profile has attracted me towards the Gifu University. After joining to this University I realize even though this is small University but I can get all kind of educational facilities here.

In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

First of all I would like to say about food habit, the habit of food between Japan and India is totally different. In India we eat food by using our hand or by using spoon, but in Japan we have to eat by using Hashi (chopsticks). So, after coming to Japan I adopted that Japanese culture and now I am using Hashi for eating the food. Most of Japanese are very polite, so after coming to Japan I adopted that politeness in my habit.

Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

I think Japan is very good place where you can perceive your higher education. Being a researcher in Japanese University I would like to inform you that, this is golden opportunity to know about science. You will get all kind of facilities and freedom to carry out your experiment in Japanese University. Most of Japanese professor are very kind and very helpful, they are very curious about science. So, this is my message to all who wants to study in Japanese University, please feel free to contact Japanese professor and ask about your interest in doing future study in Japan.