Message from Mr. Dilip Singh

Please give a short introduction of yourself.

I am Dilip Singh from India currently studying in International University of Japan (IUJ) in E-Business Management program. I was born in Rajasthan and did my MBA in 2011 in Mumbai city. I worked for pharmaceutical company for around 3 years and moved to Japan in mid of 2014. To have a better career I decided to study at IUJ.

What is your favorite thing about Minami-Uonuma City?

First of all, its natural beauty and people are very helpful. Just opposite to Tokyo, where it’s very difficult to talk with locals, in Minami-Uonuma its very easy to talk with locals and they help and very warm heartily invite in many activities for example I am part of Minami-Uonuma Volleyball group after they knew I am good at sports. It makes me feel good and also the food and sake is my next favorite after natural beauty and great peoples.


In what way has your impression of Minami-Uonuma City or Japan changed since coming here?

Japanese are short in height which I thought before coming to japan, but in reality they have good height. Also they are not serious and workaholic as I thought. Japanese people work hard and also enjoy life also on weekends and holidays. Japanese love sports are next thing which impress me and they are I think most health conscious people I met till now. Japanese language I thought would be very difficult but I find it very easy to speak but writing and reading is little bit more complicated.

What attracted you to choose International University of Japan (IUJ) as a place to study?

Its students, which makes it special with more than 50 countries, I aim to work in international job profiles and for me it’s a golden opportunity to learn and understand various cultures, business environment, thinking and doing things in team. Being far from the city IUJ makes a good place to make good friends and less distraction. With pure environment and global diversity, I choose to join IUJ instead of any other university in Tokyo.


In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

I spent 1 year in Tokyo and now almost 6 months in IUJ, I adjusted in many ways like talking with people, food (from vegetarian to seafood), having patience which I didn’t had in India. Also networking and making good relationship with everyone, being discipline, keeping city clean and most importantly thinking about others first before doing anything.


Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

I strongly encourage to choose Japan as your further studies as its good opportunity to help Japan grow internationally, being Indian and having good relationship with Japan politically and business wise it’s a right time to be a person who connect India and Japan. Also there is many educational supports by government and other organization who will make sure you have good studies and life in Japan. Japan not only make your professional life better but will make you better person with its beautiful culture, discipline, respect for each other, unity and most important great living style. For females my message is it’s the safest country for anyone in world with most convenient and respectful life.