Message from Mr. Velu Nirmal Kumar

Please give a short introduction of yourself.

I am Nirmal Kumar, from India doing IIIrd year Doctorate at Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu.


What is your favorite thing about Hamamatsu City?

The places in Hamamatsu like Hamamatsu castle, The flower park, Eki and Sanaru lake are nice place to roam around.


In what way has your impression of Hamamatsu City or Japan changed since coming here?

At first I thought it would be difficult for the communication without knowing Japanese language. But, these past two years I didn't face any problem for the communication as everything, shopping, travel etc. were made easy for the public.

What attracted you to choose Shizuoka University as a place to study?

I could mention the calm surroundings and the facilities in Shizuoka University are attractive in Shizuoka University. Especially the tours and events for International students are fun and joyful. I like the “Ski tour”, arranged by Shizuoka university every year.


In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

The Japanese people are more friendly and helpful. Anywhere if we need help and suggestion, they will help without any hesitation. The food culture is different from that of in India. Once we get used, we would actually love it.


Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

Japan is the good place for higher studies. The curriculum is easy to follow, as the exam patterns are different from that in India. Especially in the field of research, we could learn many things. Actually we always do an application oriented research.