Message from Dr. Anirban Chakraborty

I still remember October 3rd, 2002, a bright sunny day, when I landed at Miyazaki Airport with a bag full of clothes and a mind full of doubts and apprehensions. How will I manage? Will it be comfortable? Will I be able to make friends? Little did I know that I would end up spending the next nine and half years of my life in this beautiful city!

When I look back at those wonderful years of my life in Miyazaki, I feel how correct my decision was to enroll for a PhD in this university. Some of my life’s firsts happened in Miyazaki. I have made many friends at the University and outside the University. Every moment of my stay in this beautiful place is etched in my memories. I started off as a PhD student with a Monbukagsho Fellowship under Prof. Yukio Iwatsuki, at the Faculty of Agriculture. After my graduation in 2006, I moved to the Faculty of Medicine to join Dr. Kenmochi’s lab as a postdoctoral fellow. I spent the next six years at his lab, learning many things and gained recognition in the form of JSPS postdoctoral fellowship, Young researcher grants from MEXT, Japan, and University of Miyazaki Strategic Priority Research Grants. In 2012, I moved to France and after spending two years there, I joined Nitte University in Mangalore, India in 2014. At present, I am working as an Associate Professor at the Dept. of Cancer Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

When I first came to this place, I wasn’t sure whether the people of Miyazaki would accept me but I realized very quickly that the people of Miyazaki are extremely welcoming of foreigners and they embrace you with big hugs.

Apart from being a land of clear skies, blue waters, and green forests, with its amazing scenic beauty, Miyazaki is a very comfortable city to live in because the city is safe, clean and the cost of living is quite reasonable and not exorbitant like the other big cities in Japan. All the faculties in the University are equipped with state-of the-art facilities and resources. I cherish each and every moment of my stay in this university and I look forward to every opportunity to be here in this city of warmhearted, kind and generous people.