Message from Ms. Kavitha Sangeetha Kalaivana

Please give a short introduction of yourself.

I am Kavitha Sangeetha Kalaivanan. I’m from Chennai, India. I’m a Monbukagakusho Scholarship recipient. I have been studying as a research student in Japanese Humanities at Kyushu University from April 2016.


What is your favorite thing about Fukuoka?

I love Fukuoka’s bright and lively city center and its very friendly people. Though I can speak and read Japanese, I can only do so slowly. Everyone I have met; even complete strangers have always been extremely patient and kind. This is my first time travelling overseas and being in this friendly community has really helped me ease into this life. 


In what way has your impression of Fukuoka or Japan changed since coming here?

Japan and Fukuoka turned out not very different from my expectations and how I imagined them to be.


What attracted you to choose Kyushu University as a place to study?

The IMAP (International Master's Program in Japanese Humanities) program here really suited to what I wanted to do. The professors I first contacted were also very helpful in guiding me further.


In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

The biggest adjustment for me was the weather. I come from South India where it is hot all year around and it was difficult to get used to the cold in Japan. I have learned how to dress and cope with the cold from my friends here.


Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

Japan is not only a very advanced place academically to pursue further studies in any field, it is also a very easy and comfortable place to live in. It is very safe and the people are very kind and helpful.