Message from Mr. Suresh Rao






Please give a short introduction  about yourself.

Hello, I am Suresh Rao. I am a second year doctoral course student in Kyushu university, Fukuoka. I come from the city of rock fort, Tiruchirappalli; Tamil Nadu. I am a graduate of Vellore institute of Technology or VIT university. I am a person who just love to travel a lot, in fact it is very difficult for me to stay at home during the holidays. My favorite time pass is just to travel alone and to explore places. After finishing my masters from VIT, I worked in a computer software college for almost a year. And in the meanwhile I started applying in different universities abroad. Though I got selected in different universities, I found Kyushu university as a better option. And also I am getting a good scholarship, so then why not here! And thus, I came to Japan. And after coming here I realized that it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. So here now, I am enjoying my research as well my life in Fukuoka!!

What is your favorite thing about Fukuoka?

Fukuoka is the fifth largest city in Japan and also the seventh most livable cities in the world. I must say, this place really deserves these titles. It is one of the beautiful and comfortable place I have ever seen. You can see both the traditional and technological face of Japan here. The city is perfectly planned and the transportation system is very well organized. That is what I like the most here. Moreover, the people here are really kind and helpful. In fact, anything and everything about Fukuoka will make you fall in love with this city.


In what way has your impression of Fukuoka or Japan changed since coming here?

My biggest worry was about the food and the language before coming here. The impression I had on Japanese foods has completely changed after coming here. There are a wide variety of foods which you can try here. And their soups and ramen are extremely delicious. I thought my life here is going to be a hell here as I did not know even a word in Japanese. But after coming here I understood that I was completely wrong. The people here will never make you feel like that. They will help you in all the ways they can.

What attracted you to choose Kyushu University as a place to study?

While, I was searching for the top scientists who are working in my research field, I found the name of Prof. Dr. Tetsuo KONDO who is working here in Kyushu university. And as you know, Kyushu university comes under the 7 best national universities in Japan. And it also stands on the top list in the world university rankings. So I decided to send a mail to Prof. Dr. Tetsuo KONDO asking permission to work in his lab. And for my luck, I was selected with a very good scholarship.


In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

Of course, there is a huge cultural difference between India and Japan. My life here has made me a very calm person. I have always wondered by seeing how Japanese overcome every situation just with a smile. I have never seen them getting angry at all. In the beginning I really had problem with the food. In India we use all possible spices in our food. But it is really different here. So I always used to cook Indian foods and go to Indian restaurants. But now it has changed. I started to love Japanese food. I am actually loving it day by day. And in order to avoid the language barrier, I am learning Japanese now. In one year I managed to learn some hiragana and katakana. My life here is going very smooth and comfortable now.


Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

For those who are planning to do their higher studies abroad, Japan is really a good option. People in our country are not much aware about the educational opportunities in Japan. The education system here is really good and I am sure that the universities here will assure you a better future.