Message from Mr. Lekkala Vamsi Krishna




          Please give a short introduction of yourself.

My name is LEKKALA VAMSI KRISHNA, presently doing my Doctoral study in Environmental Engineering at Saitama University. I hail from Andhra Pradesh state in India.

What is your favorite thing about Saitama City?

I am living in Saitama; here cost of living is comparatively low when compared to Tokyo. 

          In what way has your impression of Saitama City or Japan changed since coming here?

There is no change of impression on Japan.

What attracted you to choose Saitama University as a place to study?

I am presently studying in saitama university, I have seen that university alumni student won the Nobel prize, and this made me to choose this university.



In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

Yah even though I felt it difficult to adjust to the culture, later on I got habituated to this culture, I don’ think adjusting to Japanese culture is big task.

Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

I think if a student plans to study and just get degree, japan is good and convenient place, but if you really want to do job and settle here after graduation, I think you need to do prior home work in your home country by passing N2 Japanese level at least. I think no Japanese company will hire you and reject you with a very simple reason thatyou need to improve your Japanese level. But I think the case in India is reverse that they hire foreigners even though they cannot speak native language. I shared this because I have work experience and master degree in India at the same time I am presently experiencing the student life in India most of my academic curriculum is almost more or less equal to industrials services. But here I don’t think it is so I am citing with reference to my career. I also have seen that some Indian GOVT jobs are asking Degrees accredited to Indian education councils. (AICTE) so if you are planning for a Govt job please consider this .coming on to the cost of living it is very expensive but there are chances to get scholarship, however it depends on your luck and Japanese skills and many other factors. However if you are planning for research I think this is good destination.