Message from Mr. Kishan Habib






Please give a short introduction  about yourself.

Hello, I’m Kishan, PhD (2nd year) student in Solid Mechanics Lab, Hydrogen and Energy Systems Department, Kyushu University, FUKOKA. My research field in PhD is to study mainly about the Fatigue properties of stainless steel material. I come from a place called HUBLI in KARNATAKA, INDIA. I have completed my Master’s from Visvesvaraya Technological University, in Engineering Analysis & Design major, Bachelor’s from the same university in Mechanical Engineering. After my Master’s I have worked for 4 Years as Assistant Professor in V.D.R.I.T. Haliyal were I used to give a lecture on Mechanical Engineering subjects and also carry out some research activities.                                             


What is your favorite thing about Fukuoka?

Fukuoka is one of the best city in JAPAN with not so high population and very clean. People are very helpful and kind, always if any problems for Foreigners they are there to help. Fukuoka organizes highest International Friendship Party’s in JAPAN by which we can interact with many foreigners from different countries and know about their culture. The city has some very good places to see around such as Fukuoka Tower, Ohori Park, Fukuoka Castle Ruins, etc. It has very good public transport facilities with good connectivity to all the places. One best thing about Fukuoka is, the only airport in world which is located in the center of the city, making it easy for the travelers. The city has some very good seafood restaurants, and Indian Restaurants by which I can have Indian Food whenever I miss the food from India.


In what way has your impression of Fukuoka or Japan changed since coming here?

I had a feeling and heard that Japan is an expensive country, but after coming to Fukuoka I feel it is not so expensive as compared to the other cities with very good life style. I also had a feeling about the Language, that it would be tough for me, because I didn’t know anything about Japanese language. But after coming here I didn’t feel it is such a big issue. I have managed my living till now without any problems of the language. But knowing the Japanese language would be an added advantage to our armory as it would help us in all the aspects of living in Japan.

What attracted you to choose Kyushu University as a place to study?

I am in Kyushu University because I got the research filed in which I am interested, related to my major of Masters'. This university has some highly advanced equipment’s for research in the field of Fatigue. This university is said to do the best research in the field of Fatigue with many research papers published on Fatigue every year. Kyushu University is one of the seven former imperial universities of Japan, and also with very good ranking, 135 rank in QS world ranking universities and 32 rank in QS Asia ranking universities in 2016. Along with the major I was interested in, I also got a financial support from my Professor, along with a scholarship from the University. International students are also provided with the waiver of tuition fees from 50 % up to 100 %.


In what way did you adjust yourself to Japanese culture?

The best thing I like about the Japanese culture is the love and respect they show to the people. They are so kind and soft spoken that it has made me to convert my personality into the same thing. I had some problem at the start about the food as I liked to eat spicier and masala food in India. But now I like some of the Japanese food which are very healthy. I have become very time punctual as Japanese are very strict in following the time. My thinking for the research has completely changed after coming to Japan as Japanese people are very intelligent and I have match them in the research.


Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be thinking about studying in Japan?

I would like to say there are very good universities in Japan with excellent research work, as Japan is an expertise in engineering, design and technology. Tuition fees in Japanese Universities are very less compared to the universities in other countries. There is a very good scholarship for International students from the Government of Japan, MEXT which offers you good money with zero fees. Please do not think that language is going to be a barrier for you and your study, as there are many universities which provide you the English-medium courses. Explore the opportunities provided by the Japanese Universities and I’m sure you will have a wonderful carrier a head of you by studying in Japan.