Message from Dr. Gourab Majumdar

Please give a short introduction about yourself.

I was born in Kolkata in 1955 and brought up in New Delhi since my junior high school days. I entered IIT-D in 1972 and completed the five-year B-Tech Electrical Engineering in 1977. After graduation from IIT, I briefly worked for a TATA group’s company in India. In 1978, I moved to Japan by getting selected to a Japanese
government’s scholarship program, and had an OJT (On-the-Job-Training) in the field of high power systems at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan.
Mitsubishi Electric was the sponsoring company for my OJT, and it is the company I am till date affiliated with. In 2005, while being posted as the Chief Engineer at Power Device Works of Mitsubishi Electric, I completed my PhD in Engineering at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan.

Please give a simple description of your work at your workplace.

I worked all through on various jobs related to engineering fields. I started my career in Mitsubishi Electric on heavy electrical power systems (project engineering of full turnkey based power stations and substations).
In 1984, I moved to Mitsubishi Electric’s Semiconductor Device Group, and spent a long career in developing, designing and engineering applications of advanced power semiconductor devices. In the course of pursuing my career, I invented the fundamental concept of the Intelligent Power Module (IPM) and received various awards of Japanese national level for the core invention and related development works evolving from it. Currently, I am posted as Executive Fellow, Semiconductor & Device Group of Mitsubishi Electric and carrying out executive responsibilities in technology cadre.

What attracted you to choose Mitsubishi Electric as a place to pursue your career?

Mitsubishi Electric has been a very famous name operating as a giant company globally and duly serving the global society with a broad range of advanced products, cutting-edge technologies and dedicated services. Its international reputation and popularity have also been excellent all through, and my knowledge about the company on these factors attracted and motivated me greatly at the beginning to pursue my career in it. Through job experiences, I found that Mitsubishi Electric excels in providing its employees opportunity to learn and grow satisfactorily through its culture of a very supportive and caring-for-employee type work environment.


                    How do you like life in Japan and Japanese culture?

                    Shortly after arriving in Japan, I met my wife in my company and got married to her about two years later. My wife has been my greatest

                    teacher all along. By being with her for many years I  learned Japanese culture, history, life-style, social norms and ethics, philosophy,

                    family attachments and many more things.
                    I think that there are more similarities than dissimilarities between India and Japan in those aspects mentioned above which should help

                    an Indian to get acclimatized to the later quite easily.
                    Although I had to cross through several hurdles during the course of my life in Japan, I have been able to spend a very happy and

                    prosperous life in this country. And, thus, Japan has become almost like my home country today. I find Japan to be an excellent place to

                    live, provided that one can synchronize oneself to its extraordinarily rich and deep-routed culture, social practices, language and life-style.

                    Please give a message to students or researchers in your home country who may be contemplating studying in Japan?

                    Come and pursue your career in Japan. I am sure that you will find yourself well satisfied eventually.