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January   30-31     

Prof. Takaaki KAJITA, Special University Professor of the University of Tokyo, was awarded the Honorary

Doctorate Degrees from Amity University. The award ceremony was held on 31st Jan. at the Noida Campus

in Delhi.  (Photos from the ceremony :PDF168KB)  

Prior to the ceremony on 30 Jan., Prof. Kajita was invited to give a special lecture 'Neutrino Oscillation and Neutrino

Mass' to the students of the university as a guest lecturer for the 'Amity Nobel Laureate Lecture Series'.



   27- 28

Prof. Hiroshi MARUI, Department of Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies, Graduate School of Humanities

and Sociology, The University of Tokyo has been selected for the 'Distinguished Indologist Award-2017' by ICCR

and the Award Ceremony is held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 27 November.

The University of Delhi organizes a Memorial Lectures on the next day.   (Report in Japanese : PDF174KB)






Prof. Takaaki KAJITA, Nobel Laureate in Physics-2015, Special University Professor of the University of

Tokyo gave a lecture at the 104th Indian Science Congress.  

Prof. Kajita has generously given permission to allow our readers to view the precious documents used for the








Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India traveled from Tokyo to Kobe by Shinkansen, and visited

a bullet train couch manufacturing factory of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. in Hyogo Prefecture on the last day

of his three day visit to Japan.  Accompanied Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe and Indian PM Modi sat

face to face in the shinkansen 1st class seats and had a conversation especially about safety operation

in a comfortable atmosphere.




Prof. Takaaki KAJITA, a Nobel Laureate in Physics-2015 from ICCR (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research),  The

University of Tokyo gave the lecture, "Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations" at University of Delhi.



October 1957

The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru visited The University of Tokyo and gifted the precious

painting, the portrait of Tagore,Rabindranath

( Sorry this site is only available in Japanese language, but you can see the portrait.)

June  1916

Sir Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1913, the soul of India,

an eminent in various fields gave the historical lecture at some Japanese universities. Keio University

is one of the universities.  Japan Woman's University has an article with pictures

Waseda University owns a precious photo 'The message of India to Japan'  is the record of

his lecture that was given at the Imperial University of Tokyo ( present The University of Tokyo)

in 1916.   (Please click below the photos)  







 Mr. Anupam Awasthi, Deputy Chief Engineer of Indian Railways completed his Master’s degree in civil engineering in September 2016 and received the Dean’s Award from the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo on March 23rd 2017.......(read more in PDF:149KB)  

     ★Summary of research (PDF340KB)  

     ★Experience of high speed train technology in Japan (PDF356KB)




JST SSP High School Students came from India under the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science, organized by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) , and visited UTokyo Hongo campus. The students had a great time by doing a tour in the Faculty of Science, School of Chemistry buildings with the guide of the belonged professor and by interacting with UTISA members

 (Please see the photos)