About Us


  1. Increase the number of Indian students studying in Japan.
  2. Increase the number of Japanese students attending summer programs in India.
  3. Enhance academic collaboration and business-academia relations between India and Japan by establishing strong networks with Indian academia and businesses.


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of the Japanese Government launched the "Global 30" Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization in 2009, to assist Japanese universities in receiving and educating more international students. In 2009, 13 universities including the University of Tokyo were selected to undertake this project. Under the Global 30 project, we have been creating a better environment for international students by launching degree programs in English in various academic fields and improving our support and services towards international students.

The University of Tokyo India Office was established as one of the measures to increase the number of international students. We consider India to be one of the most important countries in terms of academic partnership and hope to increase the number of Indian students studying in Japan.

 Although the Global 30 Project was closed on 31 March 2016, The University of Tokyo India Office will continually serve as one of the "Overseas Offices for Shared Utilization by Japanese Universities" in order to increase the number of Indian students not only at the University of Tokyo, but also other universities in Japan.


Also, the University of Tokyo was designated as the Coordinator for Study in Japan (India) in 2014 and has been active with its mission of facilitating bridges that lead excellent students in India to Japan, which is the right place to pursue their diverse interests of higher study and research. For this purpose, we plan to organize the Japan Education Fairs in some principal cities in India.


photo Mr. Narayana Murthy delivering the keynote speech during the symposium held to commemorate the inauguration of The University of Tokyo India Office in February 2012